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About Us

Disaster Planning for Nonprofits was created by Nancy Bacon and Margaret Meps Schulte.

We have partnered with several organizations and associations to make these materials available to the nonprofits who need them. Our goal is to make sure that safety and health issues don’t prevent nonprofits from achieving their missions.

Nancy Bacon
Nancy Bacon
Nancy Bacon is a teacher, instructional designer, and nonprofit leader known for creating learning experiences that move people to action.
Margaret “Meps” Schulte
Meps Schulte helps nonprofits connect and engage with their audiences through out-of-the-box creativity and clear, straightforward writing.

Working together, Nancy and Margaret have created a series of widely-used nonprofit learning tools: Nonprofit Safety Hero, Let’s Go Legal, Strategic Planning in Nonprofits, Starting a Nonprofit, Build a Movement!, Safety & Health in Nonprofits, and How to Design for Action. Our mission is to provide excellent, action-focused learning experiences for nonprofits.

View our portfolio and download useful toolkits at Aim for Action: aim4action.com.